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What is a podcast?
A podcast is something kind of like a radio show, but without the professionalism or boundaries of taste and decency the regulated airwaves. That said, me & Kelly and whoever may join us, are keen on presenting ourselves, our opinions and the show in a positive light, even whilst critiquing the show. We won't shy away from being critical, but at the end of the day, we're doing this podcast because we love Merlin and all its amazingness and its shortcomings.
The aim is to have a cracky and critical 'cast to entertain and stimulate and possibly, upon occasion, offer some interesting insight.

Here is an excerpt from my entry

Episode 1 Right off the Bat! – Is just a brief look back at the characters of Series 1 and 2. We then take a look at the various Episode Descriptions of Episode 1 and 2 with a bit of speculation thrown in.

Episode 2 BFI Merlin Screening Overview & Q&A with Cast - Episode Two of CamelotCast includes an interview with Johnny Capps where he discusses the trajectory of Series Three, the BBC marketing scheme (or lack of...) for Merlin, and the news of Doctor Who's split sixth season.
Also, an overview of the BFI screening event, and select questions from the BFI Q&A period are played and discussed.

Episode 3 Evil Look Number 3 Please… - Tears of Uther Pendragon – Reactions to the series premiere. Spoilers!

Episode 4 Instant Reactions - Instant reactions to "Goblin's Gold"

Episode 5 Guinevere and Colin Morgan’s face - Goblin’s Gold Episode Discussion - We chat about Goblin's Gold, Guinevere and Colin Morgan's face.

Episode 6 The Three Princess of Camelot - Gwaine Episode Discussion - Camelot Cast is a romp: with [ profile] la_esmeralda_ joining us, we discuss episode Gwaine, it's deeper meanings and the delightfully frivolous shake-ups his roguish self caused. Fair warning that spoilers and speculation are rampant throughout this podcast, as discussion takes us into the possibilities of where Gwaine and the episodes preceding it will carry the story in the rest of the series.

Episode 7 The Dragon’s Crystal Balls - The Crystal Cave Episode Discussion - we discuss the episode The Crystal Cave

Episode 8 Cover you ears! Real-Life squee fest - The Changeling instant reaction

Episode 9 Cold Light of Day - The Changeling Episode Discussion - A look at The Changeling, where we discuss how incredible Elena is, how startlingly conniving Morgana is, how Merlin isn't the one to make the big save, and how Arthur and Gwen finally take steps to getting their act together.

Episode 10 Fyrien - Episode discussion - This week's episode of CamelotCast is a look at Castle of Fyrien. In Merlin's first proper OT4 episode since The Moment of Truth in series 1, we discuss how the group dynamics have changed, how much we enjoyed the introduction of Elyan and a closer look at the progressing stories of Morgana and Gwen.

Episode 11 Scene by Scene - The Eye of the Phoenix - In episode eleven of CamelotCast, we trace The Eye of the Phoenix from start to finish, with ample side-quests of our own occuring along the way. As they are wont to...

Episode 12 Where talk more about the Ep after LiToD - On this week's CamelotCast, we have to be honest with you. While we did have some discussion and crack!chat about Love in the Time of Dragons, most of this episode ended up being speculation and discussion for Queen of Hearts set to air tonight!

Episode 13 All Hail the Queen of Hearts - Episode Discussion - CamelotCast is brought to you by Squee & Flail, the makers of fangirls everywhere. We loved almost everything that Queen of Hearts chose to be and fully embrace discussing all of it. With large doses of coherent consideration and crack along the way.
Please note that we do assume listeners have seen the first promotional images for episode 12 and 13, and some discussion and speculation occur based on those images

Episode 14 The Long Shadow of Fathers - The Sorcerer’s Shadow Episode Discussion - Here is episode fourteen of CamelotCast, where we try valiantly to discuss The Sorcerer's Shadow and get a rather special report from Rona and two guests about Memorabilia!

Episode 15 The End is Coming - The coming of Arthur Pt 1- Introducing episode 15 of CamelotCast, wherein we discuss -- with impressive amounts of analysis to squee, for once! -- The Coming of Arthur. Part Le One.

Episode 16 The End Came… and Went - The coming of Arthur Pt 2 - We talk of the new Arthurian inspired TV series ‘Camelot’ and the Merlin Series 3 Finale “The Coming of Arthur Part Le Two” plus the usual rambles.

Episode 17 In a Land of No Girls, No Gays & No Good Magic a bit of a special edition. After opening with a newsround, Rona, Esmeralda and Kelly start a critique discussion of the show. We focus our discussion on female characters and gay representation before rounding things off with a look at the construct of the Merlin universe.

Audio Commentaries

Episode 18 Audio Commentary for Merlin 401 - To be played simultaneously with the episode.

Episode 19 Audio Commentary for Merlin 402 - Download and play and we count you in to let you know when to play the episode of "Merlin"

Episode 20 Audio Commentary for Merlin 403 - Download and play and we count you in to let you know when to play the episode of "Merlin"

If you find yourself enjoying CamelotCast, we're utterly delighted! And invite you to join the community or subscribe on iTunes for free!

We'd also love to hear from you! Leave us a note in the comments, or you can reach us via PM or email:

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Stay tuned for Future CamelotCasts: DVD Reviews, Fan Commentaries and Set reports and discussions on "Camelot".


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