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The Behind the scenes crew where and took shots of us and the panel.

Saw a preview of the ‘Witchhunter’ episode it looks good.
A clip from next week.

The clip was of Jonas giving the Troll a bucket of fresh poo from the stables to eat.

What I have written was typed from memory so it’s pretty vague so don’t quote from it or take everything here as gospel. Also I couldn’t hear it very well

Angel was asked who would be better for Gwen. Lancelot or Arthur.

She said something like ‘Lancelot because they are the same status but then Arthur has a good heart. In the end she said she couldn’t decide.

I asked about the characters ages. And how old they are in relation to each other. (I didn’t word it like that. I rambled) Angel said Gwen is much more mature than Arthur but then said they are all about 21/the same age.
Johnny Capps said Morgana was the older of the set, and that may come into player later on.

Capps explained that about the beer cans in 204: We could choose the answer. 1. In every episode there is something like that to look out for or 2 It was a mistake. He also said he amazed that they get the episodes ready in time.

Angel was asked what she would like see her character do next. She said she would like to see Gwen get it completely wrong (make a huge error in judgment). I couldn’t hear very well but Katie I THINK (in jest) she said something about Arthur and Lancelot.

Also mentioned were practical jokes ,choosing acting as a profession, funniest moments, how Morgana is manipulative, names chosen for characters because they are hard to pronounce, What they would do if they weren’t actors,characters having only one parent, favorite cheese , jelly babies being given to Katie.

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