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Docotor Who  Series 1-3 Music Video : Swingin' on a Star.

Song:  Swingin' on a Star by Bruce Willis & Danny Aiello


Inspired by louisegilmored's Smallville Video of the Same name.


To Spain

Aug. 4th, 2007 11:07 am
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I'm leaving the airport to Spain at 1pm.
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Le temps des cathédrales English- The age of the cathedrals

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Belle- The live performance in French dubbed with the english language recording.

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A recording of the English language version of 'Moon' taken from the english language cd... mixed the with the video performance of said song in French.

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From the French Rock Opera 'Notre Dame de Paris' Created by Cossynieur

French video with English dubbing, Frollo: Daniel Lavoie, Gringoire: Bruno Pelletier.

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First Video ever made

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