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What is a podcast?
A podcast is something kind of like a radio show, but without the professionalism or boundaries of taste and decency the regulated airwaves. That said, me & Kelly and whoever may join us, are keen on presenting ourselves, our opinions and the show in a positive light, even whilst critiquing the show. We won't shy away from being critical, but at the end of the day, we're doing this podcast because we love Merlin and all its amazingness and its shortcomings.
The aim is to have a cracky and critical 'cast to entertain and stimulate and possibly, upon occasion, offer some interesting insight.

Here is an excerpt from my entry

Episode Guide )
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Horrible Histories

One of my favorite shows on TV. It may be a kids show but it is Fun, Funny, educational, re-watchable, has brilliant performances. I have learned most of History from this show.

Series 3 started Yesterday and will be on all week.!

Iplayer (UK Viewers): Link Starts at the musical Number at 15min21s


Download - Outside uk

I love this show.
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Went to the Late Night Q&A session for Frankenstein at the Royal National Theatre with Oscar-winning Director Danny Boyle and actors Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch.

I love Cummberbatch and Boyle But I've been a fan of Jonny's for year. So it was great to see them all

Here are some of the bit I filmed.

Link to Playlist


Jan. 12th, 2011 12:55 pm
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My 9 year old sister watched this and was shaking/shivering! She said it "freaked her out".
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Phew! Who knew you could talk Merlin and Doctor Who for 10 Hours?
Well I did know. I just never had the proper opportunity to do it.
Oh and When I say ‘talk’ I was incoherent for most of it. I was drugged up on Hayfever pills.

I met up with [ profile] kepp0xy [ profile] la_esmeralda_ [ profile] robinmarian and [ profile] sophielou21 at the park at 1pm had a Picnic then walked to the Pub and ate some more. I think we left just before 10pm.

Had a Lovely time.

Links to Merlin Head Replace Vids I posted on [ profile] camelot_love

Warning: Contains Really buff dudes without thier shirts

R&J vs A&G Forbidden love

Soul Train

Male Striptease

Figure Skating

I think I have some Star Wars ones somewhere too.
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Gotta love [ profile] camelot_love!
What? I post vids turn my back and Hundreds of comments appear! Love you guys!



Let me know if you are having problems with the vids.

Next: a little of Merlin and Gaius
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Let Me know if you can't watch the vid and I may upload to another site.

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The quality and gone down a billion times during the upload. Watch the space for updates.

New stuff

Apr. 1st, 2010 01:28 pm
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I am due to have my new TV installed tomorrow. I hope it all goes smoothly.

I have two separate things to be installed on the same day:

The TV on the wall and then the SKY HD. Something is bound to go wrong.
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"You owned the stage"

"You made the Song your Own"

"There was a certain Intensity"

"Your are what this show is all about"
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Childhood revisited )

Aschenputtel/Cinderella in original language
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Audio Excerpts from Merlin )
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A bunch of Books I scanned in.

All are Zip files. Click on title picture to Download.

King Arthur - Comic - jpeg
*The story in Comic book form*

It's here )
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Made by me.


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